The Omega One

The Omega One

Ever had this? You just finished a 3 hour jam session in the studio or at a gig, halfway through the night you are simply just killing it! Bass pumping, hat’s snaring and a melody you couldn’t have dreamt of in a thousand years, You my friend are in the zone, but then there is this pesky little thing that comes with the joys of making music; you only have two hands and one brain.

While fully focussing on your music, coming up with the next melody and trying to find that perfect square wave bass. Patching like a maniac and tweaking like a brain surgeon you don’t have the time nor the hands to be an all round recording studio like Abbey Road Recordings.

You come home, still buzzing from the gig, you grab yourself a cold one, sit back, relax and and playback your recorded set. But then, listening to it again, you hear that the drums are a bit off, the melody could be way cooler if you just add on more tone or you just really want to use that bassline in another track. Problem is; you only recorded the master output and everything is mixed as it is, or you can’t remember how you played that melody. Bummer, right?

Well, today is your lucky day. Because you’ve got everything recorded as separate tracks and you even got the recorded midi from your melody! And you didn’t even had to do anything for it except hitting record. How do you say? Well my friend…. meet; The Omega One performance mixer.







This fully integrated high end performance mixer takes recording and editing your analog audio to a whole new level. With an XE216-512-TQ128 xCORE™ multicore microcontroller in the center of it all, this module is capable of recording up to 8 separate analog audio channels at  32-bit, and 192kHz sample rate. With an easy to connect USB 2.0 connection your module is fully integratable with your DAW of choice. But that’s just the beginning of what this all-in-one monster can do.

  • – 6 Mutable Analog-in channels with slider volume control
  • – 2 Analog-in Pre amp channels + gain
  • – 4 Direct-outs (2x 3.5mm and 2x 6.35mm)
  • – 8 Digital-outs (pre fx and post fx)
  • – 3-band EQ (Bass, Mid, Treble)
  • – Midi in & Midi out
  • – Pan L-R
  • – USB 2.0 out to DAW
  • – USB-in for direct recording on file.
  • – Headphone out